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I went to see Emma with an open mind but a strong determination to succeed.

She was very professional and inspired confidence in her abilities which encouraged me to feel relaxed and comfortable.  

I had bitten my nails since childhood but now after three sessions with Emma have no desire to continue this habit and now love my beautiful new nails.

I have loads more confidence when my hands are on display and feel really proud of myself. 

Emily-Jayne, Shropshire

Having suffered with anxiety resulting in severe blushing for as long as I could remember and after reading about hypnotherapy, I knew I wanted to try and make changes. I hadn’t really thought about why it happened and had always accepted it but I knew I wanted things to be different. 


Through the hypnotherapy sessions, not only have I achieved my goal of no longer blushing severely, I have found a self confidence that has been hidden for many years. Emma has given me strategies that will and are changing my life and the way I address different situations. 


My outlook on life has definitely changed - making things better for myself and my family. Emma has given me the tools and strength I needed to make these changes - changes that I will continue to make as I become a stronger, more confident person. 

Alison, West Midlands

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years. As a sufferer you constantly beat yourself with a stick (metaphorically) and listen to the little voices in your head casting doubt. Emma Price reached out to me at my lowest ebb and introduced me to my Soul Purpose. I was always a bit unsure about things like this but the information I recieved helped me to understand me, my thought process and the way I am. I began to like myself again and sharing it with my nearest and dearest made them understand me more. It’s also made me feel empowered and valued. I stand up for myself now as I have a purpose. I’ve also learnt that I can’t be "everything to all men" and that’s ok. It’s my journey and those that love me are part of this journey and my relationships have got stronger. The buzz kill friends are no more…

Julie, Birmingham