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It's likely that you're here on my website because you've identified a need for change in

your life.  Perhaps you have a clear idea about what that change needs to be or you may

just have a feeling that things could be different.

These are the things that we will discuss in our initial consultation.  This can be done over the phone, or in person at The Elysia Centre.  I am happy to communicate via email initially, as I appreciate that taking that first step towards making a change can be quite daunting, but meeting and talking are the best ways for us to begin the therapeutic partnership that will eventually help you to make the changes that you need.

The therapies that I offer can enable you to Overcome Barriers.

It maybe that you feel stuck or there's something in your life that is somehow holding you back.  Being able to overcome such barriers can offer a real sense of freedom.  Barriers can present themselves in many ways; perhaps you have difficulties in a relationship, fears or phobias or lack confidence.  My approach allows you to recognise these obstacles, challenge and overcome them.

Much of the work we do together will  lead you to Improve Well-Being.  However, this may actually be your ultimate goal.  Our stressful modern lives can leave us feeling exhausted both mentally and physically and you maybe seeking relief from this.  Techniques and strategies to help you to improve your overall well-being maybe just what you need to gain some sense of control, clarity and calmness in your life.

When looking to make changes to improve your life it maybe the case that you need help to Heal Emotional Wounds.  Feeling tied to past events, people and out-dated aspects of yourself stuck in the past, could be holding you back from living the life that you desire.  Healing these parts of you will go a long way to improving how you feel, think and act towards others and towards yourself.


Through the therapy that I offer you can also Gain Insight and Discover Purpose.  It might be that you're looking for a change but are unsure precisely what that change needs to be.  This is ok.  Sometimes getting to know yourself better, understanding and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and challenging who you are, can lead you from a position of uncertainty to one of clarity; from confusion to calm and disconnection to unity.  Taking control over who you are can be extremely empowering and might just be the change in your life that you are seeking.  

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